Simple minded

    USA Today’s Wendy Koch thinks were are getting simpler.

    We are learning to live with less (and resenting it more?).

    Nearly a third of Americans are spending less (guess why). A little over a quarter say they will keep doing that (after what—is this ending?).

    Nearly half of people say they have what they need? Yeah, but cars, not to mention toilet paper, get used up.

    We are both forced and inspired. Well, that’s true.

    One guy has issued a “100 Thing” challenge—get your possessions down to 100 or fewer things.

    Break the mold of materialism!

    [Tiny voice] But what if you like some entertainment or a nice cocktail? Nope! Get with the program.

    Me, personally, I have not bought an SUV in let’s see…that would be FOREVER. Same for a second home.

    Or even a Cosmo. I am as simple as they come. I even put leftover colored tiles in the front yard to cover up the grass so I won’t have to pay some guy to cut it. My yard is a floor.

    It looks kinda nice, though, in a crafty sort of way.

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