Red-hot brand?

    Star Lawrence, is that a brand? “Her star is rising.” “Heavenly body.” No—not the last.

    Anyhow, the new in thing is to brand yourself—have a unified message that just screams YOU!

    Some guy named David Mathison branded himself “Be the Media,” because that was his book name.

    “Hi, I ‘Be the Media.’”

    All this branding takes place on Facebook and Twitter, apparently, so someone write me and clue me in, please.

    A branded person would never say “clue me in,” unless being from the Wayback was a plus, which I gather it’s not.

    I used to use the tag line: “I won’t be boring no matter how much you pay me.” Maybe I should go back to that.

    Is it boring?


    OK—how about: “If you pay me, I promise not to bore you. So--where’s the money?”

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