Three-year college

    Many students are in college more than four years—did you know that? A luxury we can’t afford, I am afraid, or most of us can’t.

    Out here in AZ, they are considering 3-year degrees.

    At least three private schools across the country are offering accelerated degrees this fall.

    The two-semester schedule may be making this difficult. But online classes may be helping make it easier. The students take in-class and web class and the degree is just as high quality.

    The summer job market sucks anyway.

    DeVry does this—you take what they say, when they say, and in three yrs, it’s all over.

    Still, this is not for everyone. Some people do better at a slower pace.

    Talk to your adviser—some majors can be done in three, some not. See if you need to meet certain qualifications. Make sure the courses you need will be available when you need them. And have a plan—what if you have to repeat a class. Think ahead.

    I mentioned this to my college-disdaining daughter and she didn’t dump all over it. Now I am trying to type with my fingers permanently crossed.

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