Parents tearing hair in this economy

    Hey—cuts costs at the Hair Butchery.


    Karina Bland, Arizona Republic, August 6, 2009, says parenting is tougher when times are bad.

    One for The Big Book of Duh.

    You can go on all you want about teaching your kids true values and having more time together, but the fact remains that you are crazy worried, short-tempered, and stingy as hell (“Please just eat one portion”). surveyed 10,000 parents and more than half, 54%, said they were stressed out most of the time. Two-thirds said this economic “downturn” had affected their families negatively. A lot, 60%, are worried about not keeping their jobs.

    People need time alone, but the kids are there…Abuse is up. At one big hospital—it was up 60% these last two years.

    Some moms said they tend to ground the kids more, lash out. Some attend Parents Anonymous meetings.

    Some parents have even called and asked about giving the kids away because they could no longer give them a decent life.

    I wonder if the White House ever sees those requests, with their keggers, luaus, $100a lb beef, New York dates and Parisian vacations?

    Don’t send the kids away….This, too, shall pass in some form. We can hang on. One foot in front of the other.

    We don’t need no stinking vacays. We’re tough and we love our kids.

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