Bad or good time for a sabbatical?

    Some brave employees are asking for paid or unpaid time off to pursue other projects or recharge, despite the bad economy.

    Rachel Beck, Associated Press, writes about this.

    Maybe the workload where you work may be low—rather than fewer employees chasing more work.

    You have to know your company. Seventeen percent of companies still have a sabbatical policy.

    If your company has just laid off a lot of people and put the work on the backs of those who are left, this may not be the time to try to duck out.

    Try to have a game plan—maybe ask for half pay or offer to ask for no pay.

    Highlight the benefits to the company. You may take courses. You may get recharged and peppy. At least they won’t have to pay to turn the lights on in your office.

    Make your approach positive.

    Of course, there is always the “out of sight, out of mind, someone steals my work and job” thing to think about.

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