Uh-oh, both spouses at home at once

    Elizabeth Bernstain wrote about the efx of layoffs on marriages (WSJ, Aug 11, 2009).

    One woman has been “off” since Dec and when her husband walks in, she ambushes him to talk to her. She tells him what plants have ripened in the garden. He, of course, is mesmerized by this material. She also emails pix of the pets to him at work.

    “Huge stress,” remarks hubs.

    You know what they say about retirement—half as much money, twice as much spouse.

    Well, this applies to layoffs, too.

    Also couples start to pick at each other—one may not call clients often enough, the other one takes naps. Suddenly this takes on great import.

    One couple made a pact—no complaining. “That is hard,” one remarks.

    Wait—was that a complaint?

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