Happy Birthday--our treat

    You deserve a break once a year, right? Especially as this economy is aging many of us.

    Kara G. Morrison (AZ Republic, March 23, 2009) says many places are offering birthday specials these days.

    The tony cosmetic site Sephora.com lets you join the Beauty Insider club online and then get a free gift if you go to the store within 14 days of your birthday. Sure, it’s designed to get you into the store—but try to get in the spirit here.

    Some movie theatres give ya free popcorn—watch for this.

    Krispy Kreme, at least in AZ, gives a dozen doughnuts on your birthday, possibly preventing you from seeing another one—but they are trying to be nice, right?

    Hard Rock Café gives you a free dessert and a “shoutout.”

    Denny’s gives a free meal with another meal and two drinks.

    Now this is worth a few bucks—Disneyland/Disney World gives you free admission on your birthday. Go to disneyparks.disney.go.com and sign up. (This could be HUGE for the OctoMom.)

    What the heck. Let’s eat cake!

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