Would Jeff Lewis approve?

    I love that “reality” show FLIPPING OUT—with obsessive-compulsive house flipper and designer Jeff Lewis. I want a House Manager to do “the list” everyday. But noooo….I had to give birth and believe me your kids make baaaad House Managers.

    Anyhow, Jeff starts a new season tomorrow, Tues, on Bravo—get in touch with your Inner Bossy-Cow.

    In the meantime, Kara G. Morrison, AZ Republic, Aug 9, 2009, writes about how to make your pathetic former investment—your house—more attractive to buyers.

    First—it must not be bare rooms—you must put in some groupings and touches—this is called staging.

    One stager does “comfy-chic.” Hmmm…guess that means not too chic. I can handle that—I am mid-century modern (sorta, or would like to be), but my office cement floor is not painted, which I used to consider charming and loft-like, but now see is crappy-chic.

    If I were to try to unload this hut—I probably would have to recarpet. This is recommended.

    Big wall-to-wall bathroom mirrors are out—get framed ones.

    Update light fixtures and fans. Forget those Hollywood makeup light rows.

    Forget the shower door. Nice, new shower curtain. Also—those clear curtains—you can wash those in the machine and they look like new.

    Get rid of dead trees, pull weeds, plant flowering species.

    Epoxy the oil-stained garage floor—people go oooo.

    Clean, clean clean. And no clutter!

    See? Now Jeff is happy. Or as happy as he gets.

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