If you still have a sense of humor, it could pay off

    John Rogers, Associated Press, says some laid-offs are doing standup. More than a thousand would-be comics showed up at an open call in NY.

    They quickly learn that the same joke may kill one night and fall flat the next. It’s worse than golf, says comic Paul Rodriguez.

    The pros say it takes 10 yrs to get into this—and by then you may be too old.

    Still, Rodney Dangerfield was an aluminum siding salesman over 40 before he got any respect.

    Try it—you might like it and they might like you. Go know.

    One of my favorite comedians of all time was Jackie Vernon, president of the Dullards Club. “Yeah, at every meeting, they showed slides of Baltimore after a heavy rain.”

    He also remembered a woman who came to every show. “She sat in the front, two suitcases. I finally said, ‘What do you think this is, the bus station?’ One night…the bus came in and picked her up.

    “Makes you think.”

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