Food for thought

    I felt like writing about some delish recession grub or something, but nothing came to mind, so back to the workplace stuff. The food pix is just to be ironical, which I felt like being, sue me.

    According to Dana Mattioli, WSJ, Aug 18, 2009, women and men are being tossed almost equally—sort of.

    A study in the Harvard Business Review found that women with MBAs have fared almost equally. Among men with MBAs, between 2007 and 2009, 36% were promoted and 10% lost their jobs. For women, this was 31% promoted, 12% fired.

    5.4% of men and 5.2% of women over 25 are unemployed right now.

    In Europe, another study showed, women were promoted many points less often than men. Some scientists say this is a “woman” thing in Europe.

    In another finding, women were willing to relocate almost as often as men were. There goes that myth.

    In one case, the hubs was the trailing spouse twice.

    What does all this mean? Equality in adversity? You tell me.

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