De-stressing first day of school

    Think the youngsters aren’t feeling this—the Mom and Dad whispers at night, the cancelled vacays?

    Maybe they will be a little more eager to get back to school, who knows. USA Today Weekend has some tips for making the back to school moment even richer for them.

    Rich in love, that is.

    Set up some one-on-one time to ask them how they feel about school—and tell them some of your ancient memories.

    Mark off the days on a calendar to get the very young ones excited.

    Move bedtimes forward, so they can get up on time.

    Visit the school—the classroom. The unknown can be scary.

    Slip a note in your kid’s pocket on the first day—I love you, you are great, etc.

    And remind him or her—just because last year sucked, doesn’t mean this one will.

    Remind yourself of that, too.

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