Let's spiff up the old image

    Christina Binkley, WSJ,.Aug 21, 2009, talks about an ad exec in NY who wears a suit even in a casual office environment. He likes to look polished. Sometimes people say, “I hope you didn’t wear that for me,” and he says, “You’re worth it.”

    Execs these days also spell out words in emails and use the cap key. none of this lower case stuff...

    Another guy was always using swear words—he sort of went back and apologized.

    One in ten people is unemployed—if you were laid off, just say it. Even if you were fired for cause, people may assume you got hit by the economy. Don’t be too detailed.

    And don’t make a video calling your former employer obscene names. These are all over YouTube. Not a brilliant move.

    Out here in AZ, spiffing up may mean a bola tie (rock around your neck). Resist.

    OK, that’s me—I hate those. I got in a lot of trouble saying that in a newspaper column. Why, Barry Goldwater even started a Bola Tie Society out here—they meet. Didn’t know that until it was too late.

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