You have to take the GOOD with the bad

    You are downsized, right-sized, laid off, screwed, pick one—it is a scary time. Carol Orsborn, PhD., has a new book out titled, The Year I Saved My (downsized) Soul: A Boomer Woman’s Search for Meaning...and a Job (VN books,

    She lists some things that can easily get lost and are worth remembering.

    All you can hope to conrol…is whether you bring your best or your worst to bear.

    Embrace the possibility that many things are bound to get in your way. Success comes not in spite of what happens to you, but because you have grown large enough to embrace it all.

    It is in the void that the status quo has the lightest hold on us. Released from the constructs of our everyday life, we have the least to lose. In the void, we are freest to make changes.

    You don’t need an upbeat or even a brave attitude to make progress. You need discipline to put resumes out, make phone calls, and follow up on leads. You can do this whether you are happy, sad, anxious or full of faith.

    It’s the economy that’s broken—not you.

    When you give up the illusion of control, you can't always stop bad things from happening. But you can’t stop good things from happening, either.

    Remember that—good things will happen and you can’t stop them.

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