Accept substitutes--sometimes

    Every chain grocery has private labels—and these are where you will find deals these days.

    Kroger brand spaghetti sauce in a CAN for 99 cents beats Prego all hollow, in my humble.

    Now private labels are going “organic,” too, so you can at least think you are eating more healthily, while still saving money.

    In fact, private label organic has now captured almost a fourth of the organic market.

    The big brand-name organics are now competing with themselves and offering stores private label organic.

    Even Whole Foods is feeling the pinch—and cutting. Or should I say, chopping?

    (To me, Whole Foods could stand to cut—that stuff is so expensive, you lose your appetite.)

    You know what isn't good? Store-brand Kraft Dinner--the one that does not say Kraft.

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