FAT bastard stay-cation, anyone?

    Even if you’re thin, have a FAT bastard stay-cation

    Cheap, broke—the bottom line is about the same. Why spend a ton on gas or get a disgusting virus on a ship when you could stay home and quaff a FAT bastard wine?

    No, I didn’t even get a free bottle, so settle down.

    Make a plan, FB says. Stay away from the computer—then don’t deviate.

    Be a tourist in your own home town—don’t paint the house or fix things..

    Instead of a hotel, hire a maid to slick up the old hut.

    While the work is being done, sip a FB Chardonnay or Pinot Noir.

    Sage a film festival—DVD-style, of course.

    Check out a local day spa—for a massage and annointing, followed by wine, natch.

    At the end of your stay-cation, have a blowout barbecue, accompanied by a FAT bastard Shiraz or Cabernet. Check out www.fatbastardwine.com.

    In the end—you will be wining, not whining. And the dining doesn’t sound bad, either.

    PS It's FB's idea to italicize, upper and lower case, etc. At least, one gets to type the word "bastard" a lot. And it is memorable.

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