Getting a job--kinda sorta

    Alina Dizik, WSJ, July 28, 2009, tracks eight people the WSJ found out of work last December. They blogged on their fate.

    Unemployment was 7.5—now it’s 2 pts higher. There are six unemployed people for every opening.

    And not every opening is appropriate.

    Now the WSJ has come up with 11 people and four of the original eight and the three added ones have found jobs.

    BUT—five took pay cuts as much as 80%!

    Three cuts exceeded a third of their former pay.

    Two relocated. Four went from big to small cos.

    One guy’s mother spotted the job listing he got when she was trolling for another relative. He turned down an offer to be on a reality show about being unemployed. He moved back to Chicago and has yet to sell his Florida condo.

    Another guy said basically what the heck—he’d be home at night to see his son instead of working until all hours.

    Most of them said having a blog on the WSJ site did not hurt them and could have even helped.

    Every little thing.

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