Around the fire at Laid-Off Camp

    Out here in the Valley of the Sun they are holding a Laid-Off Camp. Instead of knot tying—it‘s knot-untying.

    It’s more support group than job fair.

    Some of these—springing up wiki-style across the country—are free-form, get into when you show up. Others have speakers.

    An emphasis in ours will be on starting your own business.

    But the real key is networking.

    And, I would guess, venting.

    The other night, I watched a movie called Office Space. It was pretty funny—the bored, droll guy who never came to work, of course, got promoted.

    After a while, he roused himself to rip the company off—and was TOO successful and was about to get caught, and then…

    Well, that isn’t the point.

    He was funny when the efficiency experts remind him that he missed work the day before. “I wouldn't say I MISSED it,” he smirks.

    Still, we have to make money. So camp may be a stop-off.

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