Chronic illness in the recessed workplace

    Candace Choi, Associated Press, says esp in a recession, absences and taking lots of sick leave can hurt.

    But if you have a chronic illness, soldiering on in fear can tip your health over.Talk to your boss. Explain what you need. How many days will you have to come in late or leave early, say for chemo.

    Know your rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act—

    If you have used your sick leave, you may get disability days..maybe at reduced pay. A week to five months is considered short-term disability and usually insurance will be continued.

    Under long-term disability, 60% of pay seems to be the norm. You can get laid off during long-term disability, though—your job is not guaranteed. ‘

    After 12 months on the job, you qualify for 12 weeks of family leave a year, This is unpaid, but health insurance is continued.

    Or you can try for the Big Kahuna—Social Security disability, which is about $1100 a month and takes years and probably an attorney to get. The lawyer gets $5000-plus when the back claim comes through.

    Still, you have to step up and see what you can do.

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