Even if you're shy, you can lead

    The Associated Press did a story on introverts in the workplace.

    One is a CEO, but listens more than talks—and it’s OK.

    Many jobs require employees to chime in with ideas and be self-promotional, and this is where introverts can be considered aloof or fearful.

    If you are an introvert, try not to do too many back-to-back meetings, schedule breaks to think and regroup.

    This goes for job-hunting, too—one interview per day tops.

    Rehearse—speaking off the cuff is hard for introverts.

    One introvert prepares something to say in the first five minutes of every meeting—get it done and over with.

    Introverts also tend to be good writers and organize their thoughts that way.

    Social networking is also good—be who you want to be and at your own pace.

    Of course, you will always have to meet people—it’s inevitable.

    You may have to talk more than usual, but don’t try to be an extrovert.

    And above all, try to show a sense of humor when you do talk.

    Meanwhile—remember, you can read cues, think, organize and spawn ideas. You bring a lot to the table, you just aren’t spewing it out right away.

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