Jeez, taking it out on the youngsters

    Vanessa Fuhrmans, WSJ, June 17, 2009, writes that more docs are not taking Medicaid, lines are gettng longer, states are cutting back—and the kids are getting the worst of it.

    Doctors lose money on each Medicaid patient they see.

    Kids with long-term disabilities are also losing big. They need therapy, drugs, care on a regular basis--open-ended.

    Hospitals that treat children are cutting work hours for staff—meaning longer wait times for care.

    One doc only takes kids born with a defect that needs fixing fast or with other conditions with a small window for the care.

    The Shriners may also be closing some of their children’s hospitals.

    If we can build all these stupid culverts, save minnows, and build new golf courses and bridges to podunk, why can’t we keep burn units in service? These are little kids!

    If I see one more road being widened, I will scream!

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