You will always need to job hunt

    I know this kinda blows (or as Bart Simpson says, both sucks and blows), but we are all becoming freelancers of sorts—peddling our skills package now and then or constantly.

    Honestly, I have zero faith in this admin to fix any of this or institute any kind of sustainable new economic parameters, so we must assess ourselves and prepare to skip around jobs and even around entire careers.

    Big shift!

    Guru Harvey Mackay says lifetime employment used to be people’s goal. One job is no longer regarded as “the” job.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the average person will have 3-5 CAREERS, with 10to 14 jobs before age 38.

    Lifetime learning and networking—that is the new paradigm.

    Companies want results—guaranteed almost—and fast. You will probably be evaluated psychologically. Can’t adapt to the culture—you’re out.

    There are fewer employees and fewer people to manage them—teamwork is important.

    You may have to switch industries—from cars to health care, for instance. Be bold.

    And brave.

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