Happy hunting grounds?

    I may BE a twit, but I don’t twitter—yet, anyhow. I always wait to see if these things blow over.

    Joseph De Avila, WSJ, July 2, 2009, says more job hunters are going to company websites instead of the big job boards, such as Monster and Careerbuilder.

    Companies are trying to doll up their pages, including employee interviews and widgets that alert job hunters to openings. (Widgets might blow over, you never know.)

    Of course, cutting ads on job boards saves companies money.

    Now, a job hunter might find a company entry on LinkedIn or Facebook and follow the conversations there. Or just log onto a company you want to work for.

    This is kind of a neat approach because you are finding the company instead of waiting for some company to discover you.

    Network online with the company’s employees. The company’s actually think of you as their “targeted talent pool.”

    Get out there—mix it up. Who knows? You may not blow over.

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