Que sera sera

    Remember Edith Bunker? One of my favorite lines of hers was when Archie was telling her astrology was a crock and she said, “Oh, Archie, it’s fun to know what’s going to happen even if it doesn’t happen.”

    Now, in this mess, more people are going to psychics—hey, cheaper than the career counselor and provides new inputs.

    Some people do have a crystal ball—or cards, or palm-reading expertise.

    The psychics don’t even try to prove themselves to skeptics—it is a waste of time, they say.

    Everyone wants to know if they will get a job.

    But other people are questioning why they are here—they thought they had it figured out.

    Maybe this is a prompt to have a new experience, one that will set you thinking a different way. Who knows?

    I know burning a green candle can be “psychic” for attracting money. Only we had a house fire, so the candle is on my desk, but I don’t burn it.

    Sure enough, it isn’t working.

    Edith, what should I do?

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