Greenish and a little richer

    Well, not rich—but less poor. Good old Cap & Sap will be along soon to take care the rest of your money, if you have any.

    Anyhow, until then, Danny Seo, Arizona Republic, July 16, 2009, has some tips for giving the earth a pat and saving some dough.

    Fill up your tank at night. Fewer fumes.

    To defrost, place items on top of an overturned stainless steel pan.

    If you want green items at the store—ask. Find the manager. Nag.

    If you buy bottled water, get glass—you can recycle. No weird-ass chemicals to kill ya, either.

    Electric bug zappers can attract bugs. Turn on a fan—they don’t like moving air.

    To wash your ball cap, put it in the dishwasher. (Ewww—wouldn’t you need a load just for caps—in which case you have a cap problem.)

    Oh, well—the planet is happy.

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