Are you selling illegal stuff?

    Anjali Athavaley, WSJ, July 8, 2009), says a law signed last year makes it illegal to list recalled products on Craigs or sell them in your yard or flea markets.

    Of course, the govt freely says it does not have enough people to catch you. But—seller beware.

    But why pass dangerous lead-painted goods or other stuff on to people who might be harmed?

    You can always look up every item in your garage on or another site, such as

    In 2008, 563 products were recalled…Your stuff is probably way older than that, right?

    One buyer said he worries about MADE IN CHINA toys because of lead paint. Pretty soon, it will be down to unpainted wooden blocks, he says.

    Also watch out for drop-side cribs. Don’t buy or sell items with small parts that can come off and choke the kiddies. Hoodies are also bad—they have strings near the kid’s neck.

    Some sellers are buying at-home lead testing kits. Well, the Consumer Product Safety Commish tested THOSE and found them wanting—too many false positives.

    The feds may not get ya, but your conscience might. Or at least our prudence and common sense.

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