Signs of trouble

    Ian Harrison,, says there are some signs you may be laid off.

    Are you finding you don’t know about meetings or are out of the loop?

    Has anyone told you to take a vacation?

    Has anyone suggested you need an attitude adjustment? (My dog does this daily.)

    Did you make a major mistake lately? Uh-oh.

    Has your dept been swarmed by newbies fresh out of the MBA factories?

    Do you stand out like a nun at a rave when it comes to the corporate culture?

    If your company turns up on business cable—this could be a bad sign.

    Do you think they are trying to document every little thing against you?

    Since you read Do the Hopey Copey and have been networking, doing your job hunting workouts, spiffing the res, and the rest, you just need to redouble those efforts.

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