The coping of art

    Listening to music you like, scientists find, can expand your blood vessels and flow to the heart by 26%. Music that makes you happy unleashes endorphins—those feel-good juices.

    Did you read the stories about people in many cities putting Michael Jackson’s songs on the car radio, opening the car doors and dancing in the streets? This is coping!

    Now, Johnson & Johnson and some other cos are looking into whether performing an art is healing. People have found, for instance, it’s good to blog or keep a journal, good for the soul and the body.

    Could artistic expression be a clinical intervention?

    Instead of “Do you smoke,” we may hear, “What do you do you would describe as creative?”

    Emotions and heart disease seem to be strongly linked. Depression and stress are as strong risk factors as high BP and nearly as bad as diabetes.

    Maybe we can counter these with writing, playing, painting or performing.

    So…what you you doing that’s creative? At least listen to music. Dancing in the streets optional.

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