Hire immediately!

    Someone asked me what people like to see in an employee these days. I assumed she didn’t mean desperate urge to please in a down economy—although pleasing the boss is always good.

    Steve Sanghi wrote about this in his book, “Driving Excellence.”

    Here is a laundry list:

    Practices the company culture. Remember that Secret Service agent who wrote a book about the goings-on in the Clinton admin—example of someone who didn’t “get it.”

    Achieves desired results and meets commitments.

    Takes the job seriously and produces quality work.

    Strives to improve the operation.

    Satisfies customers, internal and external.

    Can handle empowerment—wants to be involved.

    Team player with good interpersonals.

    Good communication skills.

    Considers others’ feedback.

    Continuous learner.

    Sensitive to profit and loss.

    I also think today’s workplace is not as laced-up as the corporate environment of several decades ago—and the boss is probably younger than you are.

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