Do more than pray for a job

    I used to run an employment mission at my church in DC. Many lifetimes ago. Pres Clinton even gave us his personal check (he worshipped there).

    Chad Graham, Arizona Republic, July 9, 1009, says here in Phoenix a lot of churches are starting up missions. Churches are good places to network…You meet people very week across dozens of industries.

    Some mix in religious scripture and teaching, some just offer computers and classes.

    We used to meet weekly—sometimes I would get a volunteer to teach us some exercises or dances to get us out of our heads. Those nights were very popular.

    In Phoenix there is at least one Jewish group doing this, too.

    I used to do a bulletin insert for our people—just a couple of lines on what job each was looking for, along with an email address. Some turned into job offers. The ushers said Pres Clinton always read the whole thing—probably why he contributed.

    You never know.

    Of course, this can have a funny side, too. There was a very active mission in a church here when I got here (since downplayed). Anyhow, I was invited to speak on “The New Economy,” how companies were giving away machines and software.

    Does the term Dotcom Crash trigger a memory?

    At least, the meeting was fun. The aftermath—not so much. Kinda like now.

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