Nobody wants us when we're old and crabby

    A 2006 Medtlife survey showed that 40% of employees between 55 and 59 blamed age bias when they didn’t get a job.

    Apparently the young'ns in HR (see, we use the word young'n) don’t want to hire Mom or Dad.

    Of course, the plastic surgeons have great answers for this—lasers, peels, scrapes, tucks, and other spendy solutions.

    One job hunter said she was not “shooting for beauty,” but instead a healthier appearance.

    Good—they probably don’t want beauty, either. You know how tiresome that is…
    ”Don’t hate me”…etc.

    How about some makeup, a shower, and a smile—and a great resume and lifelong skills? Just do it—and sell it, babies!

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