eBay roulette

    I love to look up jewelry items on eBay—say, magenta necklace--then bid the rock-bottom lowest, sometimes one cent, and pay mostly postage if I get it. You get a little treat…for pocket change…nice in these grim times.

    One problem, though—my sister and mother cruise my bathroom like it’s a store. "Oh, THIS is nice…can I have it?"

    But I also look up my makeup items on eBay—get them new sometimes for half price. Same for lingerie pieces or tank tops.

    Worth a try, people. What do you have to lose?

    I also buy severely on-sale items from my Avon woman, Kim. She is trying to get by, too—you help someone you know. Hand lotion, sanitizer, night cream—can be under $5.

    Don’t forget those consignment shops—great for back-to-school.

    The only problem with selling at consignment stores is when they politely decline your item. Sorry—no can do. Was it the shoulder pads?

    In the olden days, I even traded a nice camera for a month of after-school care. Maybe your daycare provider would take a piece of jewelry.

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