Bone up on giving great interview

    Yeah, people still sing and dance to get a job. Even more so now.

    Remember, says someone in Chad Graham’s article in the AZ Republic,
    June 28, 2009, everyone seen in person is qualified—so they are picking the person they like the best.

    Come armed with specifics—they can tell a rambler immediately.

    TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF. Ask, “I don’t mind telling you about myself, but could you tell me the types of things you want to know…” Avoid religion, politics, groups you belong to, etc.

    WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN FIVE YEARS? Ask what paths are available. Show how your skills and interests match up.

    WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST WEAKNESS? Be honest. If you don’t like detail, for instance, show how you’ve worked to overcome that.

    DO YOU WORK WELL WITH A TEAM? Try to find out the company philosophy on teams. Some companies like self-starters and self-maintainers.

    Try to be yourself. Smile. Meet the interviewer’s eyes. Would you want to work with you? Think about it.

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