Kicked out of his own company

    Chris Taylor, Associated Press, tells of a health care recruiting exec ($2 million co) who had to leave—his partner was the money guy and there was only money for one of them.

    He had a choice: Wait for another CEO position or take a step down. He took the step.

    If you “are” your job, this can be difficult—you lose everything about yourself.

    If you have to have the title of president, you may be in trouble.

    If you can be more flexible, you may even like what you find. One exec was a turnaround guy who kept getting shorter and shorter contracts to turn cos around. Finally, he went to being a temporary executive—and loved it.

    You have to put ego aside, he said.

    And I might add—bitterness. It’s difficult but can be freeing.

    Or so people say.

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