Scientist is a good gig in a recession

    Angela Spivey (New Scientist, Apr 25, 2009) says not only do research scientists have job satisfaction, they don’t get laid off or fired as much as other workers or even other professionals.

    Pharmcos and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) are two of the places researchers can find work. And it’s not all drug testing—some of it is economics and other disciplines.

    Demand for people at the CROs is expected to increase by 15% a year, according to a Tufts study.

    This includes lab techs, too.

    The skills they look for besides scientific training are ability to work in a team and time management. A good personality for meetings is also a plus.

    So even though we will need more medical doctors, we will also be turning to medical schools for researchers.

    Checkout the National Cancer Institute K12 award which advances career development for researchers. Other grants also are available.

    Find a cure for cancer or a tiny piece of the puzzle—and not get laid off—not too shabby.

    A lot of lines of inquiry don’t work out—but Edison once said, “What do you mean I failed? I know 5,000 things that don’t work.”

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