Is your res "Internet friendly"?

    You can put your resume on hundreds of job boards and send it by email, but you have to be sure your formatting is compatible with electronics.

    Gone is the beige vellum or parchment paper—and a grabber headline is in its place.

    Be sure to include a professional email address. does not count.

    Don’t use any templates, fonts, tables—these tend of scramble into letter stew.

    Adapt your resume to the job advertised. Take off side issues and extraneous material.

    Bullet items you want to stand out.

    Try to put examples. NOT: "I saved the company $10 million.” INSTEAD: "Creating a task force, I saved the company $10 million in proper supply of paperclips alone. Before, we ordered tons of clips and had to store them. After I came, we got them only as they began to run out, as evidenced by our auto-order system I instituted, and thus saved $10 million in storage.”

    Lose the hobbies, body weight, and marital status.

    Proof it carefully. Have someone else proof it. Then proof it again. Proof on paper, not the screen. Even have someone read it aloud to you.

    Recently, on my home page, someone noticed a repeated word—this has been there for years and professional proofreaders have looked at it.

    Go know.

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