Tradeoff for money?

    Say, for the sake of argument, you have a pretty good job, feel secure, and still can’t get a raise, much less some grotesque bonus like those govt-supported Wall Street greedheads.

    What would you ask for? How about more vacay? This may not be so easy, according to Chip Cutter (AP). The secret is to ask carefully:

    Hone your pitch. Bring a list of recent triumphs and projects completed. Put your request in numbers—with dollar signs in front.

    Explain how your work will be taken over during those days. Offer to take over more work in the future.

    Request small chunks of time.

    Ask for time during what you know to be slow periods.

    But be careful—if they are constantly looking around wondering where you are, they may find they can live without you.

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