Our daily ramen

    That picture? Ramen cake! Yuh-um!

    The other night on HGTV, a young couple said they would eat ramen three meals a day to afford a certain house they wanted.

    I do eat it for lunch everyday—here in the new America.

    I went to a site called Ramenlicious.com. In truth, there are MANY ramen recipe sites. You could eat ramen three meals a day and three courses a meal!

    It’s pretty full of sodium if you use the packets, but hey, who needs to use those when you have recipes. (Well, I do—but I only heat and not cook.)

    Did I mention ramen is 10 cents a serving? Yup—way under our Recession Budget of $1 a meal.

    Although noodles got going in China 4000 years ago as a great host for sauce and a stomach filler, Japan did not dub them “lamen” (from the Chinese “la” for pulling and stretching and “mian” for noodles) until the 19th century. And you know that Japanese “L” and “R” similarity, so they became ramen.

    In 1958, Nissin invented the instant noodles that we love today. My kid still prefers Nissin.

    I add chopped frozen broccoli to mine and maybe leftover pasta dabs or if we have baked chicken, I put in a few chunks.

    Chopsticks optional. If you do use them you have to shove the noodles over to your mouth Chinese style. Soup and chopsticks—not an obvious match.

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