Keeping up appearances

    The Washington Post had a story on whether people had enough money to replace their torn undies—this is now an economic indicator.

    But there is an underlying message—we need to keep up appearances and for our mental health, even in places that don’t show.

    Incidentally, we see more grownups in the supermarket in jammies these days. Yes, things are bad, but don’t completely go to seed, clothes-wise and behavior-wise.

    Marcia Heroux Pounds, Fort Lauderdale-Sun Sentinal, wrote about this.

    When you do get a job interview—spiff for it. Dark socks, dark pants, men. Belt should match shoes. No wild ties.

    For women, A suit or a jacket over a knee-length dress. No chandelier earrings.

    If you are in a creative field—you can bend this some—throw on the weird accessory.

    Sit up straight. Look the interviewer in the eye. You might even want to videotape yourself beforehand.

    Turn off your cell during interviews. Don’t have your dog record your ad-home message, or your kid.

    Follow up interviews with a hand-written thank you—delivered by express mail. Now that is snappy!

    Oh, and cover up your tatts. This is why you didn’t get your neck or hands done.

    After the interview—climb back in those jams and head for the store. But think about this: What if you run into that interviewer or get in a conversation with someone with a job opening then sort of doesn’t mention because of your attire.

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