Have you noticed--we are all getting swine flu

    I am sorry—H1N1. Kind of likable, like R2D2.

    Half the country is slated to get it—the vaccine won’t be along until Oct and is last-minute and full of adjuncts that could cause illness, maybe, down the road.

    Isn’t it always something?

    Manoj Jain, an infectious disease doctor, writes about this in the Washington Post, Sept 8, 2009.

    His 13-yr-old got "normal" flu, which got him thinking. After Jain’s 13-yr-old, her older sister got it (same bedroom). Then his wife got it.

    Out here in AZ, the swine version seems to hit children, sick people, and pregnant women the hardest, based on hospital admissions.

    This stuff travels by droplets from coughs or sneeze, off the surface of things, and from hands to mouth transfer.

    Cough into tissues or your elbow. Have you tried that—maybe my elbow is not too flexible.

    The virus can last 24 hrs to 7 days on a non-porous surface. That’s long!

    As for touching your face or mouth—you do it more often than you think. I know I do.

    We wash hands a lot. We go through the sanitizer. If someone at your house has the flu, you can wear a mask if you find it tolerable.

    When Jain’s wife got their normal flu, he slept in the guest room.

    He was feeling left out, he said. Then he got it.

    So, folks, another crapshoot. Ya’ll stay healthy now. Oh—and Bird Flu is still around, too. Gotta love the zootics.

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