Do you "sign off" when you sign off?

    Ruth McCann, writing in the Wash Post, says today’s email environment is like the 18th century—all that writing, all those conventions.

    Do you sign off with “Best”? How about, “Sincerely”? Or “Cheers”? I use the latter.

    But one guy’s GF was not wowed by “Regards.” She says it sounded detached. They broke up. Maybe she was right, he noted.

    If you have been signing “Best” and so has the other person, then one of you puts “Sincerely,” it may mean distancing, coolness.

    “Cordially”? Forget it. You are a hostile stiff.

    Naturally, someone surveyed this. In business:


    "Thank you" or "Thank you for your time"…20%.


    Sometimes I just type: "Star." Let them make of that what they will.

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