Low-pay, no-pay, cue the screaming

    Angela Hoy is a book publisher and long-time advocate for writers. If you fancy the idea of segueing to freelance writing, read her site first… http://writersweekly.com.

    Recently, she helpfully broke out some especially misleading code so-called “employers” of writers like to drop into ads. I just added a few comments.

    “Paid per post.” This means the rate “per word” is so low, they know posting it will scare writers away. Those posts? Can be 600 words—and may pay $1 to $5. Yes, dollars, U.S., dollars, one US dollar…for intellectual property.You read it right.

    “Looking for college student.” This means insultingly low pay. For some reason, the assumption is college students are mouth-breathing chumps. The same goes for Work-At-Home-Moms--they don't use currency, apparently, in the course of their domestic life.

    “Percentage of gross sales.” You will never get your hands on our financials.

    "No pay—-build your portfolio" or.."web exposure is high." If the exposure was so high, they’d have money to pay. Second, . . if someone does see your byline, they will think: “Cheap labor.”

    “To see if you are a fit, send us a 500-word article on nice ways to break up with your boy friend.” Yup—they will use it and don’t hold your breath to get paid.

    ”Our budget allows $18 for 1,200 words. You will need to sign a non-compete, non-disclosure…” Bangladesh wages plus can’t work for anyone else? Rush right over.

    “We pay $1 for every 10 blog posts when your balance reaches $100.” This is the worst since Topsey signed with Simon Legree.

    “We pay up to $8.” Well, zero is “up to.”

    “Compensation may be available in the very near future.” Or “May lead to more in depth assignments.” Or “I provide the articles, you rewrite.”

    Ha-ha on the near future promise, harder work for pocket lint, and plagiarism. Gosh, isn’t this all grand? And the best part? The profession of writer is now hammered excrement and no one thinks they have to pay.

    See that pix? Pucker up!

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