How's life sandwiched in a sign?

    Picture this: An MIT grad in a sandwich board saying “MIT Grad For Hire.” No, not a parody—he did it.

    Another grad drove a cab with his resume taped to the back of the seat so customers could peruse it.

    Another woman printed t-shirts saying she was available for private nursing. Then she biked around wealthy neighborhoods.

    They didn’t get jobs—but they sure learned to think out of the box (whatever that means) and be creative.

    Some recruiters say these wacky tricks hurt the jobseeker.

    Showing up at someone’s office uninvited can be a no-no. (How I got my first writing job, by the way.)

    Sending a res directly to the president of the company is also considered bad form.

    Having your mother call? Well, you can decide if this is good.

    Is your mother famous? Maybe.

    I say yes, you can come off as too aggressive or even unhinged. But if the thought and effort give you a few laughs and some excitement, it might lead unexpected places.

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