Video resumes--thoughts?

    Until they have a video camera that erases a few chins (moving Photoshop), I am not in.

    Eileen A.J. Connelly writes about this for Associated Press.

    The source in her story, a senior exec, though, said when she got her first video app from someone, she thought it was bold and stood out. She watched it.

    HR people say these have to be part of a thought-out package.

    The key is to “not look weird,” or you could end up on YouTube.

    You need good production values (probably not your brother-in-law).

    If you are not comfortable and prepared, you can come off wooden.

    Also, videos can take too long each for HR people to scan them. And the vetting cannot be done by computer.

    Ideas, readers?

    PS Your dog? He does not need to be in it.

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