Yoh-boy, now we work out in the parking lot

    Anjali Athavaley, writing in the WSJ, April 15, 2009), says people are finessing the gym in droves and finding cheaper ways to unwind, energize and stay fit (and alive).

    A Nintendo Wii Fit game is way cheaper than a membership.

    Other people are pooling their money and hiring a trainer—one group even works out in a parking lot.

    The big tickets like Nautilus machines are sitting in stores, but the cheaper alternatives such as mats and workout DVDs are thriving.

    You can get a decent workout at home, admit the tony trainers.

    Some people even find they work out more than when they had to haul to the gym.

    Naturally the gyms have responded with specials—so if you still want to go that route, get a price.

    Speaking of prices, I just did a story on Joan Price, the author of The Anytime, Anywhere Exercise Book: 300+ quick and easy exercises you can do whenever you want! Joan’s advice is that you can get the recommended 30 mins a day of moderate exercise in little increments all through the day. She has a zillion suggestions, from don’t get a cart in the store, carry a basket…to doing chair pushups at the desk. The book is on Amazon.

    One of her best? If you do go to the gym, do not circle to find a parking spot close to the door. People do it.

    Think about that one.

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