Babies are expensive little cuties

    Uh-oh, was that nausea?

    Lesley Alderman, writing in the New York Times (April 11, 2009), says vasectomies are on the increase, what with people noticing that college has spiraled off the charts and every little onesie costs a fortune.

    The last time the feds checks, 2006, it cost $260K to get a kid to age 17.

    The birth rate also fell during the OD (Other Depression).

    This time, though stats are scarce, urologists say wait times are increasing for the procedure.

    This has been especially noticeable in Upper Manhattan where the well off, or formerly well off, financial industry folks live.

    Some people are out of work and have time to get the snip. Others want to do it before they lose their insurance.

    Go to for more info. (Hits there are wayyy up.)

    But be sure. The operation takes 20 minutes—but undoing it takes 5 hours and doesn’t always work.

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