Are part-timers the first to bite it?

    Sue Shellenbarger (WSJ, Apr 22, 2009) asks if part-timers, flex-timers and telecommuters are easy targets of layoffs.

    At some companies, yes, at others, no, apparently.

    Some companies revoke all such arrangements and call you back to the office.

    In tough times, she says, some employers think full-time, flat-out working under the eyes of a boss is the only way to go.

    Others may see they are saving on benefits and salary with the part-timer. The person at home also uses less electricity and office space. In one survey, almost 30% of companies polled were considering part-time or four-day workweeks.

    Usually, employees don’t like to ask for this, though, when things are shaky.

    Ask yourself—what is my company’s priority right now and am I contributing to that? If your are involved with some side issue, try to get onboard with the central priority.

    Be realistic. If you have to show up for a meeting on your day off, do it.

    It could save you from having ALL the days off.

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