Job Fairs--you never know

    On “60 Minutes,” they highlighted some peeps lining up around the block for a job fair—Marriott, I think it was. One woman seemed so great I would have hired her to organize me if I could have afforded it.

    You can go to Mr Google and put in job fair and your city and see what’s shaking.

    I have not been to one yet for transportation reasons, but I think there is value in getting into business clothes, sharpening your short pitch, and meeting people to face to face.

    Too many companies like to hide online so they won’t be accused of discriminating or confronted by embarrassing neediness or weirdness.

    The tables at fairs are dwindling. A big one here was down 50%, although 15,000 employees suited up.

    Still, even the most hardened HR person says lightning can strike.

    Some important rules: Dress appropriately.

    Try to find out which companies will be there and look them up.

    Create a 30-second “Why you should hire me” presentation.

    If there are workshops, go to them. The recruiters may be there.

    If there is a big line, don’t worry. You can even go later after it thins.

    Very important tip: You may talk to a recruiter and then be told you must apply online. Don’t let your face fall or get POed. Don’t! Just smile and say, “Let me make sure I have the correct information.” If you are calm and nice about it, you may even get a personal email address from the recruiter.

    Most of all, remember what one HR pro calls the Four Ps. Packaging, preparation, presentation, and persistence.

    And no flipflops.

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