Road crews now a growth area

    Out here Arizona way, the Federal Highway Administration and the state transportation agency are holding pre-apprenticeship classes throughout the state.

    Free of charge.

    Although the stimulus money for so-called infrastructure is going to employ only a tenth of those who have lost construction jobs in Arizona alone, this could be a way to get a foot in the old door.

    You will learn OSHA regs, CPR, and other skills too.

    If you like working outside or just working in general, some aspect of construction might be for you.

    To see what projects might be amping up in your state, go to

    You could also go to for govt jobs in general.

    The Federal Highway Admin website is

    Again, as always, I urge you to be creative. If you want to work near your home, for instance, go to office buildings nearby and collect names and call. Many jobs are not advertised.

    Or buy sun block and get outdoors.

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