care may be sprung on us

    The administration is thinking of trying to ram through a huge multi-spadillion dollar health care thing (they already got Congress to pony startup money) without hearings really or a chance for amendments.

    So—hope ya like it.

    NPR, Kaiser and Harvard did make a small attempt to find out what the great unwashed thought about it (that would be us).

    I think, but am not sure, you have to buy some policy if you don’t have one and companies can drop what they have to they can compete with cheesy firms overseas and make you buy something else….I think. Oh, who knows.

    The first step besides the billions they put in the cookie jar is the electronic medical record, which was billed as saving money, but which people don’t think will save much.

    Three out of four Americans in this poll said they thought that electronic records were “important” and would improve things and prevent errors, but they don’t think they will save much money.

    Personally, I don't want the feds anywhere near my information.

    Half those polled said their doctors communicated fine with each other. Naturally those who did not think that usually had more doctors.

    Only 22% of those surveyed had asked about the cost of a test.

    Yet, half the public thinks there is a “major problem” with people getting unnecessary tests. Only 16%, though, thought THEY had every received an unnecessary test.

    About half had talked to the doctor about scientific evidence that a treatment worked in comparison with cheaper approaches.

    Here, though, the participants got cold feet. Less than half would trust an independent body supported by the govt to decide whether a treatment should be covered.

    Well, heck let everyone have anything. Let the doctor and patient decide—just pay.

    Not gonna happen that way.

    In fact, I read about the osteoporosis drug Actonel—the company is going to guarantee it works or else the company will pay for treating the broken bone. What if all companies HAVE to say this or not be listed on the federally approved formularies. I have no idea if this will happen…I don’t know where this is going, if anywhere.

    But I do know we don’t want any silly old discussions or open hearings.

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