Get up, kid, and start a company

    The heck with summer jobs—no one can find a job. Tell the kid to start a business. Writing in the WSJ (Apr 15, 2009), Sue Shellenbarger says kids are getting serious about this money thing.

    One young woman started a jewelry business, built a website, and got her friends involved selling.

    There are even camps to learn to be an entrepreneur—I can just see it, Camp Mini-Mogul.

    Junior Achievement (remember that from school?) is thriving.

    Most kids need a little startup money (hello, parental units..).

    Another kid is selling webpage templates.

    One makes decorative hair ornaments.

    And, yes, they still mow lawns (try to find that out here in AZ). Only when these kids do it they hire a ton of other kids and pay their parents back for that truck.

    Some kids help companies get going on Facebook or learn to Twitter.

    Another kid invented a game he sold on Amazon.

    Before he perfected it, he had failures. His advice? Keep going. Try again.

    See? He means business already.

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